Wholehearted Wedding Film Company | Chicago Wedding Film and Video

All Brides & Grooms considering this talented company for your wedding- don't hesitate for a second in booking this team. They work meticulously in creating an everlasting memory that you'll cherish forever! My hubby & I highly recommend them- especially for couples looking for a company to collaborate with in creating something very personal and unique. Their positivity, efficiency and respectful collaboration with our photographers was exquisite. Thanks Josiah, Wade, Logan, Jack and everyone else involved in our wedding, for bringing even more than your A-game!

Kudos cont...

Josiah: You are downright one of the most humble and down to earth artists that Vivek and I have ever met; working with you was a treat and a breeze! Thank you for investing the time in understanding *and* manifesting our SDE vision and conveying that vision to the editing team. The keen eye with which you captured each scene of our wedding has truly touched our loved ones and us. Thank you!

Logan: Thanks for never being afraid to get your elbows dirty, in the sand wink emoticon and going above and beyond to capture any and every shot. 

Ryan & Natalia: Your artistic and thoughtful editing, successfully preserved the emotion of each scene and catapulted the emotions that engulfed our wedding, right through the screen to our guests. This is exactly what we were going for -for each one of our guests to leave- with a renewed hope, smile and the commitment to always #Believe. 

Thank you to Jack & Jonathan for the awesome angles captured via the drone and jib!

Thank you to Felicia & Sarah for all your behind the scenes assistance to our wedding and, Felicia, thank you for your coordination and time invested when we first began the process. You were truly always on your toes, and made sure everyone was on the same page. Thank you! 

Wade, thank you for your willingness to take on the challenge of trying something new, and that too on a shorter timer frame. Your positivity, as a team leader at Wholehearted, is what gives heart to the company and makes you all such an appealing bunch to work with.

Thank you for not hesitating in dedicating so many resources to capturing the #NVJourney. It was truly an extraordinary feeling to have as a bride and groom, knowing that no stone was left unturned in ensuring each and every angle of our memorable wedding was meticulously captured. We truly can't wait to experience it again through the wedding trailers and other footage, and thanks to Wholehearted, we'll be able to do so for decades to come. #Blessed to have our wedding films be the loving product of a family's work- a Wholehearted Family.

Lots of Love to all of you! 
From All of Us (Including Sheru)

PS: Grateful to Nisar for introducing us to Jeremy and all of Wholehearted

-Nikki Loomba